About Us

A Mortgage Broker is defined as:
an intermediary who sources mortgage loans on behalf of individuals or businesses

We believe mortgage broking is much more than that. It is about saving you time and money, removing the hassle out of searching for and securing the best deal, eliminating the stress and complexities of dealing directly with mortgage companies, and providing a helping hand just when you need it. This is what we believe, and this is what we offer you at ALQ Mortgage Consultancy.

My name is Ai Lan Quach and I started ALQ Mortgage Consultancy to provide clients a stress free service that removes the annoyances out of arranging a mortgage, such as dealing with mortgage companies, solicitors and surveyors. By sticking to what we know, we are now experts in our field and can help with any residential mortgage and insurance requirement you may have.

From the very start, we have built our business on providing excellent customer service and feel that the number of satisfied customers who continually recommend us to their family and friends is a very strong endorsement of our success.

Contact us today to discuss your financing requirements and we can show you that we mean business.